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2013-12-03 13:42:44 by January3rd

Is a confused new user. 

Is accepting interaction, as this user is lonely and probably needs critique. 


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2013-12-03 14:06:35

Well, welcome ;)

January3rd responds:

Thank You! :D


2013-12-03 14:19:39

Welcome to Newgrounds ^^

January3rd responds:

Thanks very much!


2013-12-03 14:32:58

Welcome to the site! What do you do? Music, graphic design, animation? Or are you just here for the content?

January3rd responds:

I'm an amateur musician, and an amateur artist. There's a little vocal song in that nifty portal they gave me, and I drew my avi and my icon for fun.


2013-12-03 14:53:37

Welcome person, since you are new i would suggest to start poking around a little everywhere to get known by a few people also putting content is a good idea, don't be shy folks around here are mostly not jerks. . . mostly beside if i remember you can ban then from writing in here so that's a start but anyhow Welcome !

January3rd responds:

Thank you! I'll start posting artz and music soon as I can.