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This is hilarious. And good! The delay on the main "windows synth" melody is very nice, and it's properly dancy too.

K-Pone responds:

Yep, that's true! :)

It's a very nice track! I love the musicality you put into it! The chords are great, the melody is happy, and I think the bass-line is especially groovy. It would fit in perfectly in any Christmas themed flash. The only qualm I have with it are some of the instruments, which really isn't any fault of yours, just circumstance.
Great job!

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I know, right?
The shading on the hair and mane looks great, by the way. I really like the huuge eyes.

ExtraDan responds:

Aw, thanks! she is not the best looking pony, but she is so innocent and adorable!

First off, that's an awesome pony drawing, great lineart, really cute, top notch. Second, I totally know what you mean. I'm afraid of a LOT of my fellow fanmates, even though I'm definitely a big fan of the show. But there are some nice ones out there too, guarantee. I guess it's a pretty weird fandom, isn't it. Still, you draw better than me! Great job! Do keep it up!

Saintanist responds:

well spank you

and i just cant see myself in the fandom since its mainly filled with grown men that watch a show thats aimed towards young children and its about friendship and shit thats not real
and ive yet to meet a nice brony
and one that isnt a stereotype
which will never happen

thank u tho

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