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I'm so sorry^^: I have totally neglected this account!

Favorite Pony?

2014-02-21 03:37:51 by January3rd

If you care about the show at all, [and it's perfectly fine if you don't] who is your favorite character from MLP FIM?

Personally, I like Deadmau5.

What is your opinion of ponies?

A question.

2014-01-10 04:05:32 by January3rd

Hey, this is random, but if anyone is there, I'd like to ask: If you look at art here, what is your favorite shading style? Cell shading, realistic shading, abstract, inbetween, maybe an example? Anything, you choose.


2013-12-03 13:42:44 by January3rd

Is a confused new user. 

Is accepting interaction, as this user is lonely and probably needs critique.